Everything you need to know about Hip Replacement Surgery

Everything you need to know about Hip Replacement

  • What is Hip Replacement?

The cost of this modern lifestyle and luxury is paid by our
body in various ways. Hip being our basis to stand, sit and
roam around is extremely vulnerable to various injuries due
to which there comes a point when it becomes extremely
painful and it is termed as a “Bad Hip”.
At this stage where all other means to cure the bad hip fail,
then the doctor has to replace the painful hip with an
artificial one, usually made of inert fiber or metal. This
procedure is called a Hip Replacement Surgery.

  • When is it required?

    • In general, hip replacement is carried out when the hip bone
      gets damaged so as to hinder your basic activities such as
      walking, resting or lying down. In more severe cases the hip
      bone aches so much that it hurts even while coughing or
      The damage in the hip bone is caused by various means or
      anomalies like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or a major
      injury in the hip portion.
      Although the problems in bones don’t go away easily still it
      is advised that a patient goes through a hip replacement
      only when all the means like physiotherapy and steroid
      injections turn out to be unsuccessful to cure the painful hip.

  • What is the Age Limit?

Since the hip replacement is a highly advanced form of
surgery people of almost every age can avail the surgery
under an expert’s provision. But usually, people at around
60 to 80 years require this surgery.

  • What happens during Hip Replacement Surgery?

    • To begin with, the patient is given a general anesthesia that
      puts them into a deep sleep completely unaware of the pain
      to wake with a new hip.
      The doctor now carefully makes a few cuts near the
      thighbone to bring out the hip joint for its removal, now the
      ball joint there is the main cause of the pain so it is removed
      by cutting it out by surgical saw and clips.
      After cutting the painful joint it is being removed carefully
      and a new artificial joint usually made up of ceramic or
      nonreactive metals is attached. After the successful
      installation of the new joint in the hip bone, all the
      unnecessary cartilages and debris are removed, with the
      burying of the incision by making several stitches.
  • What happens after the surgery?

    • Since your entire body posture depends upon the hip, the
      hip replacement needs a lot of precision and after-care,
      which requires guidance from a physiotherapist and a lot of
      rest. The doctor will also advise you various techniques and
      apprehensions per se.
  • How long does it take?

    • The surgery takes around 60-90 minutes in time but the time
      can vary based on multiple factors.

  • What is my best option in town?

    • Since Hip replacement is a major surgery which requires
      acute precision and utmost care, and Dr. Manish Ladhania
      has been a premium practitioner for more than 14 year,
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