Low Back Pain

  • Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common
pains in the human body since our entire body
posture depends upon our back and spinal
cord it goes through a lot of stress each day,
resulting in a rigorous pain.
People who are above 35 in age are most
likely to have experienced pain in their lower
backs since our body only gets weaker with

  • Where do we experience Lower Back Pain?

    • The portion below the lungs, near hips is
      called the lumbar region, this is where lower
      back pain is experienced.
      What are the Primary causes of Lower back
      It has majorly mechanical reasons behind it,
      like Sprain and strains in muscle;
      Intervertebral degeneration: when the spine
      muscles starts degenerating on their own;
      Radiculopathy: if the lower spinal root gets
      injured it causes chronic back pain;
  • Sciatica:

is one of the major reasons due to which we
experience a great deal of lower back pain.
What can be done about Lower Back Pain?
First of all, It depends upon the intensity of it,
whether it is Acute or Chronic in nature.
Generally speaking, Lower Back Pain gets
cured at the natural pace of our body, but
there are many remedies to cure lower back
pain which can be applied, such as:
• Hot and Cold water packs
• Regular strengthening exercises
• Physiotherapy
• Analgesic Medication
• Acupuncture
• Spinal Medication etc


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