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Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a Hip Replacement Surgeon removes the painful hip and replaces it with an artificial one.

Generally, hip replacement is required when the hip is entirely or partially damaged and hinders your basic activities like running, walking, or even resting.

One of the major reasons for the surgery is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or a major injury in the hip portion. But it is only advised by a Hip Replacement Surgeon when all the other means of treatment like physiotherapy and steroid injections fail to cure the painful hip.

Hip replacement is of two major types, Total Hip Replacement, and Partial Hip Replacement; among which a Total Hip Replacement is considered better since it lasts longer and provides consistent pain relief. Patients experience a relatively pain-free life and an increased range of motion after the surgery.

People of any age can avail the surgery if needed since it is completely safe when performed by an expert Hip Replacement Surgeon but usually is carried out on the adults from 60 to 80 years in age.

During a hip replacement surgery the patient is given a general anesthesia to put him in a deep sleep unaware of the entire procedure, then the doctor makes a cut near the thigh bone so as to expose the hip joint, now the ball joint is removed by cutting it out from the socket, since it is this ball joint that causes the pain we have to remove this.

Now an artificial joint is attached to the socket by cement or any special material, this artificial joint is made up of non-corrosive metals or ceramic. After putting the new ball and socket joint in the hip bone, the doctor will remove all the damaged cartilages, burying the incision carefully.

The surgery takes around 60-90 minutes in time but the time can vary based on multiple factors.

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