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Osteoporosis Management and Treatment

With the growing age and unhealthy lifestyle, it becomes hard for our body to maintain all it’s parts in their best condition respectively. One such condition is Osteoporosis due to which the bones get weakened and fragile which are more likely to break. It gets developed slowly over several years and is often only diagnosed when a bone gets broken due to injury or fall. Major fractures that occur due to Osteoporosis are in the Hip, Spine and Wrist area.

Basically, due to the normal aging process, people start losing bone but in some cases, they start losing bone density at a much higher rate, which leads to Osteoporosis and ultimately bone fractures.

There are many other factors that cause Osteoporosis and are related to our lifestyle, like heavy drinking and smoking, low calcium diet, weak genetic makeup or excessive use of tranquilizers.

This is a condition that requires intrinsic care by a specialist because it only gets worse with time. Consult with the Top Osteoporosis Specialist at the right time.

Osteoporosis Management begins with the diagnosis, during which your bone density is checked and the low-power X-Ray scans help in determining the possibility of fractures. Depending on your bone density level, the Orthopedic surgeon will suggest you a diet to fulfill calcium requirement in the body; if the risk of breaking bones is higher in your case then a medication (in many cases bisphosphonates) is suggested.